From left: Nourishing Hope volunteers Mara, Jacob and Lollie. Photo courtesy of Mara Bennish.

Nourishing Hope’s community of more than 4,000 volunteers is made up of individuals, groups and families from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds. The connections our volunteers develop here can change hearts and minds, raise awareness of the issue of food insecurity and hunger in our communities, and recruit new advocates for those in need.

Volunteering is especially personal for three generations of the Bennish family. On Friday afternoons, you’ll often find Lollie Bennish volunteering with her daughter, Mara, and 17-year-old grandson, Jacob!

“I was lucky to grow up in a family that respected the dignity of others and valued community service,” Lollie said. “We were always involved in helping others less fortunate. So when I moved to Chicago from Detroit five years ago, I immediately began looking for volunteer work in my area. Nourishing Hope has been the perfect place to devote my time, energy and heart. And having my family volunteering next to me feels like my life has come full circle and the legacy of service in our family will continue for generations for come. I’m grateful to the Pantry for creating opportunities to not only serve, but become friends with such a wide range of wonderful clients and volunteers.”

Have you been looking for a place to give back to your community? Look no further than Nourishing Hope! You can volunteer alongside Lollie, Mara and Jacob’s family to ensure that our neighbors in need are connected with the food and social services they deserve.

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