We had a blast at the Nourishing Hope Volunteer Appreciation Party this year! Our volunteers do the work of 30 full-time staff members, and we could not do what we do without every single one of them. We are endlessly grateful for their time, energy and dedication to our mission. Between appetizers, drinks and a fun photo booth, a wonderful time was had by all. Special thanks to Manager of Volunteers, Aliya, and Volunteer Program Coordinator, Kandis, for putting on such a great event! With the help of some of our staff, they presented the following awards to some truly outstanding volunteers.

(Above, from left to right: Aliya, Manager of Volunteers; Bill, COO; Kellie, CEO; and Tim, The Big Apple award winner!)

Pear-sonable Award

This award goes to an outgoing and fun volunteer that always keeps everyone in good spirits.

Alec Koharko

Secret Ingredient Award

This award goes to a new volunteer that has been a good addition to Nourishing Hope.

John McArthur

In-a-Pickle Award

This award goes to a volunteer who we can always depend on when we need extra volunteer support.

George Logan

Always in Season Award

This award goes to a volunteer that has supported us at all of our locations and helps train our new volunteers and groups.

Carol Cole

The Big Cheese Award

This award goes to back of the house leaders who have always stepped in to keep things running smoothly and organized.

Jerry Tasch and Jim Wolf

Toast to You Award

This award goes to our amazing community partners who have supported and provided many wonderful volunteers!

Anshe Emet

The Cream of the Crop (Advocate Award)

This award goes to a volunteer who loves to educate others about Nourishing Hope’s mission and train new volunteers.

Anne Blanton

The Big Apple (Main Award)

This award goes an outstanding and committed Nourishing Hope volunteer. We couldn’t do it without this volunteer and we are incredibly thankful to have them support our efforts in eliminating hunger in Chicago!

Tim Molencupp