About Us

More Than Just a Food Pantry

Nourishing Hope is one of the largest and longest-operating hunger relief organizations in Chicago, providing the equivalent of more than 4.5 million meals each year.

Our mission: Nourishing Hope through food, mental health and social services so that all of our neighbors can thrive.

Our vision: A city where all people have the resources needed for a dignified life.

Our approach is, and has always been, to serve the whole person with dignity and respect. We respond in times of crisis. We break down barriers and innovate new ways of providing food, mental health counseling and social services. We form new partnerships to serve more families in need. We provide hope for tomorrow.

Our strong financial position, logistical expertise, and reputation in the community position us well for sustainable growth in the years to come. Nourishing Hope’s unique model provides:

  • Food that meets people where they are, in a variety of ways to overcome barriers, including two walk-in food pantries, an innovative online market, a home delivery program for older adults, and our Health & Hope program.
  • Social services to help people achieve stability and beyond, including job, housing and utility assistance.
  • Free trauma-informed mental health counseling in multiple languages.

Read our 2022-2023 annual report

In the past two years, the perfect storm of soaring food prices and diminished federal assistance resulted in tens of thousands of our Chicago neighbors experiencing food insecurity. We served more people in fiscal year 2023 than we did at the height of the pandemic.

Read more in our 2022-2023 annual report.

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Our Impact

For more than 50 years, Nourishing Hope, formerly Lakeview Pantry, has served as an invaluable resource in Chicago, ensuring our low-income neighbors have enough to eat and have access to critical, and sometimes lifesaving, social services. Together, we have directly improved the lives of thousands of our community members.

Last year, we provided the equivalent of 4.5 million meals to people in communities throughout the city. That includes more than 21,000 families who turned to us for help for the first time. Our approach focuses on meeting the immediate hunger needs of our neighbors, then supporting them with longer-term solutions so that our neighbors can thrive.

In Our Area

Did you know that 1 in 5 households in Cook County are struggling with food insecurity?

34% of Nourishing Hope’s neighbors have at least one child under the age of 18.

5% of Nourishing Hope’s neighbors are experiencing homelessness.

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How We Work

We offer our neighbors nutritious food using a choice-based distribution model and access to life-changing social services including:

  • Monthly food distribution and additional produce pickups through five different food access programs.
  • Home delivery services for older adults, homebound neighbors and neighbors living with disabilities.
  • Social services including case management, mental health counseling, job search support, domestic violence intervention, referrals and public benefits assistance (SNAP, healthcare, government forms) for anyone in need.

With a dedicated team of staff, volunteers, board and young leaders, the Nourishing Hope community is committed to our mission of Nourishing Hope through food, mental health and social services so that all of our neighbors can thrive.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Nourishing Hope envisions a city where all people, regardless of any aspect of their identity, have the resources for a dignified life.

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining an equitable workplace in which all employees have an opportunity to participate, have their voices heard, and contribute to our success. We value our employees for their skills, experiences and unique perspectives.

We work to foster an organizational culture that recognizes and celebrates people of all racial and gender identities, sexual orientation, abilities, ages and backgrounds.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is fundamental to our goal of providing food for today and hope for tomorrow.

This is a journey without end. We vow to keep learning.

View Our Financial Documents

Nourishing Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You can view the 990 forms we’ve filed with the IRS below.

Our 2022-2023 Annual Report can be found here and our 2023 Audit is available here.

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Nourishing Hope Exists Because of the Support of Our Neighbors.

Providing the equivalent of 4.5 million meals each year, plus thousands of mental wellness and social services that empower healthy lives, Nourishing Hope strives to create a city where all people have the resources needed for a dignified life. Join us today!

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