Our Young Leaders Board

The Nourishing Hope Young Leaders Board (YLB) is a group of enthusiastic and talented young professionals who are committed to giving back to their community and helping people in need.

They use their creativity, leadership, innovation and professional skills to support Nourishing Hope’s work and mission. The YLB focuses its efforts in three main areas: 1) raising funds for Nourishing Hope; 2) volunteering our time and skills to support Nourishing Hope and its visitors and 3) developing our members into increasingly impactful contributors. Our largest event each year is the End Hunger Social, which is held each spring.

To learn more about the YLB or to become a member, please email YLB@nourishinghopechi.org, call (773) 525-1777 x 223, or visit the YLB on LinkedIn.

Check out the YLB’s recent fundraiser, The End Hunger Social!

Chris Coleman – Co-President

Meredith Wald – Co-President

Ashley Kirchner – VP of Membership

Shachi Solanki – VP of Fundraising

Michael Kendall – VP of Engagement

Jennifer Quintero – VP of Marketing

Elisabeth Brewington
Mitchell Byron
Chris Coleman
Chris Faxel
Michael Kendall
Ashley Kirchner
Brandon Ko

Quinn Mallery
Alena Marvitz
Natalie Odzer
Jennifer Quintero
Vanessa Rico
Ryan Smith
Shachi Solanki

Peter Straub
Natasha Tchaikovsky
Lauren Usleber
Meredith Wald
Brenden Yung
Vicky Zhang

Nourishing Hope Exists Because of the Support of Our Neighbors.

With multiple food distribution programs that deliver the equivalent of 4 million meals each year, plus thousands of social service visits that empower healthy lives, Nourishing Hope strives to build a brighter future for all Chicagoans. Join us today!

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